Feng Shui office

Feng Shui in business is used by various companies widely and actively, not only Asian but also Western.

The latter, in turn, are actively interested in the knowledge of Feng Shui office and apply them to their work. One notable fans of the ancient teaching is an American billionaire Donald trump, that’s what he says about this: “If changing something on my desktop, I can earn more millions, why not try?”.

The art of Feng Shui office, you can apply for the qualitative improvement of working conditions – from a home office to a city office or a trading floor – to improve productivity, increase sales, the company’s reputation and its General prosperity.

The power and benefits of Feng Shui office is in abundance of opportunities to improve the living space in accordance with its principles. Each technique improve the Feng Shui office provides wonderful opportunities to become rich, happy, improve quality of life.

The location of the building, where is your office located and worked with the production or sale of products, it is extremely important for successful business management. Choosing a place to build, or renting a room in the first place take into account the nature of the business. It is very important to find for the building of such a place, in which the concentration of positive energy “qi” is the maximum, and for her favorably.

If You already have a room in which you work, the interior of the office, his use of color, furniture arrangement, workplace employees, must be analyzed by a specialist on the correct placement on the principles of Chinese Feng Shui office.

Good planning office can seriously affect the overall financial success of any company. It also supports a good mood from the staff.

In the office there is always more favourable and less favourable areas. The task of a specialist in Feng Shui to determine areas and either neutralize or to activate their effect.

Thus, Feng Shui office includes the following main aspects:

Analysis of the external environment office (adjacent building, adjacent buildings); Suggestions for improvement;

Determining compass directions of the object. The definition of personal GUA numbers of employees;

Evaluation of harmony between indoor and office staff;

Room layout. Suggestions for improvement;

Analysis of the internal space of the room; Suggestions for improvement.

Feng Shui workplace of the selected employee or Manager.

Especially pay attention to the choice of location for office and work space, as most of our life we spend at work, and she is responsible for our material prosperity. If you go wrong relationships with employees, the company is not profitable, there is an endless series of failures, should seek professional advice from experts in the field of Feng Shui, in the shortest possible time to “rehabilitate” your business and put it on the flow of abundance and good luck.

To estimate the cost of the work and to place an order for professional consultation services, Feng Shui in the office here .

The purpose of the talisman. The star elders is a Chinese deity, the giver of wealth, health and longevity. The Chinese Pantheon of gods is quite extensive, and some gods are revered in other countries.
The Studio is called an apartment consisting of one main room, a kitchen placed in the alcove of the room, or kitchen, and, of course, the bathroom. These apartments are often very small, and their inhabitants tend to make abundantly of their furniture, which in turn blocks the free flow of qi energy.
a15[1]For your organization to flourish, and the money arrived, must first correctly harmonize the workspace Manager, the Director's office. This will not only ensure a more productive work, but favorably displayed on the organization as a whole. Because the most important and crucial decisions are made by the leader, and competently affecting its harmonisation, automatically increases the welfare of the company.
molitvy[1]What is Feng Shui - the Chinese art (science) which tells about the harmony with the environment. The science of Feng Shui is not only a physical connection with nature that explains how to correctly place the objects in the room, in what place is better to build a house, where to plant flowers near the house, etc.