Manicure Feng Shui

In recent years, the teachings of Feng Shui is active in our lives. Many adhere to the recommendations of the masters of Feng Shui in the choice of interior design, clothes and manicures are no exception.

Increasingly common girls prefer a manicure on Feng Shui . This is not surprising. Because the ancient science teaches how to attract good luck, success, and love even through these, it seems the little things, like a manicure.

According to the teachings of Feng Shui, the right hand releases its energy, and the left takes, i.e. absorbs. The fingers in this case are the conduits through which you can contribute to the delivery of positive energy and negative repulsion.

We will understand more of what energy is hidden in our fingers:

Right hand:

Thumb – responsible for the events that occur during mental work; for mistakes and errors; for the intellectual victory and a successful transaction.

The index finger is responsible for his own selfishness, discontent others and themselves.

The middle finger is responsible for feelings such as anger, sexual frustration, and for quarrels and mutual resentment.

Ring finger – the finger is responsible for the acquisition of new relationships, friendships, and love, as well as for acquaintances and alliances.

Little finger – the finger in the answer for family ties and prosperity, harmony and peace of mind and tranquility.

Left hand:

Thumb – finger associated with various anxiety, empty hopes, proceedings of misunderstandings and light.

The index finger is responsible for fear, trauma, self-doubt and unnecessary risks.

Middle finger – the finger sexy. It is associated with new sexual discovery and delicate sensitivity in sexual life.

The ring finger is responsible for the separation, sadness, disappointment, regret, loneliness, separation.

Pinky – finger connected treason, dissimulation, loss, gossip behind my back, flattery, deception.

The idea manicure Feng Shui belongs to Christina Fitzgerald, she was not afraid of this experiment, for which we are thankful. The basis manicure in Feng Shui , as an artist like Christina, is not only fashion and design, but a particular ideology. Coating varnish eight nails one of the ten varnish, and two ( unnamed and the average of the right hand) in a different color.

The energy of the fingers

As a manicure on Feng Shui has become fashionable, many, dyeing, so the nails don’t even think about it, what exactly nail on the middle and ring finger of the right hand.

And the thing is that each finger is responsible for a certain field of activity, so it is important to highlight exactly those parts that are necessary for the continued well-being in a particular area.

The energy that comes out of the middle finger on his right hand, carries spirituality, highlighting a different color nail on that finger, girl to seek the location of others, thereby activating the internal forces, and as a result becomes more confident, quickly and easily achieve their goals.

The energy of the ring finger – it’s a love or heart energy. So this is the finger we wear the wedding ring. Painting the nail on that finger a different color, she activates sensuality, becomes more attractive to the opposite sex romantic, and love that comes to her normal life, brings her pleasant emotions.

Manicure Feng Shui . to approve Christine Fitzgerald, can be done on the left hand, too, if you value emotional and energetic moments in life. To highlight the nails on the fingers of the right hand Christina recommends that women who dream about the financial condition and success in work, and on the left – those who lack a life of love and those who wished to make the intuition more sensitive and acute.

Thanks manicure in Feng Shui , we can solve two problems at once – to make a woman more attractive and to bring into her life more successful, optimistic and positive.

The color palette for manicure Feng Shui

Color nail on Feng Shui should be selected carefully, so as not to disturb your inner energy and harmony. Considering your birth year several colors for you, if your year ends on:

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