L aboratory Feng Shui

d8e12a9c3242[1]Advise on Feng Shui. Laboratory of Feng Shui is the only company, which provides advice on Feng Shui on a qualitative level for 12 years.

Feng Shui consultations with recommendations for the house and office

we specialize only on consultation to create a good Feng Shui projects. We have no shops with Chinese trinkets, etc.

Full cycle consulting Feng Shui

All work to create a Feng Shui from scratch – site measurements, evaluation and analysis of the premises, advice on landscape Feng Shui, annual maintenance.

The quality of work

fast, always according to the timing, always within budget team (consultant Feng Shui, designer, researcher, architect, project planning and execution of works. We are not limited to visits and oral advice. The work also involves decorated case in printed form with the architectural plans, schemes and justification. Not even versed in Feng Shui man, for example, your designer or architect, picking up a report that will be able to understand what changes are needed.

For 12 years

248 projects (up to 1.10.2012), of which 124 creating Feng Shui for residential apartments, 28 consulting business, 52 creating Feng Shui for homes, 64 – designing from scratch, 5 – work outside Ukraine and Russia. We do not work virtual, as consultants-lived without experience and theoretical knowledge after the course. If our customers don’t mind, we share with you a list of work done.

You will not find this combination of skills, Hiking, love to work, desire, procedures, success stories and other components of quality service Feng Shui and accompanying services. We work with leading designers within the top 20.

No one but us is not 100% back guarantee fully paid amount, if you are not satisfied. That is why we work legally and issue a check about the acceptance of the payment.

The purpose of the talisman. The star elders is a Chinese deity, the giver of wealth, health and longevity. The Chinese Pantheon of gods is quite extensive, and some gods are revered in other countries.
The Studio is called an apartment consisting of one main room, a kitchen placed in the alcove of the room, or kitchen, and, of course, the bathroom. These apartments are often very small, and their inhabitants tend to make abundantly of their furniture, which in turn blocks the free flow of qi energy.
a15[1]For your organization to flourish, and the money arrived, must first correctly harmonize the workspace Manager, the Director's office. This will not only ensure a more productive work, but favorably displayed on the organization as a whole. Because the most important and crucial decisions are made by the leader, and competently affecting its harmonisation, automatically increases the welfare of the company.
molitvy[1]What is Feng Shui - the Chinese art (science) which tells about the harmony with the environment. The science of Feng Shui is not only a physical connection with nature that explains how to correctly place the objects in the room, in what place is better to build a house, where to plant flowers near the house, etc.