Feng Shui in the kitchen

frye_kitchen01-560x372[1]Once having decided to use the art of Feng Shui to your home, you will realize how important the place is the KITCHEN at the level of energy that can fill you with a special power that allows you to achieve success in all Affairs.

· the First thing you should consider is the location of the kitchen on a General plan of your apartment or house. The ideal Feng Shui-the kitchen is located in the southern part of the house, associated with the element of Fire, or East, associated with the element Wood. From living rooms kitchen with their specific energies must be isolated. The best option of the location of the kitchen is the one in which the entrance is not visible from the main entrance.

· it is Very important that sharp and pointed objects (knives, forks) were stored in closed places, as their sharp angles give rise to negative Sha energy, which is bad for the human condition.

· it is Important to pay attention to good lighting cuisine.

· in addition, the kitchen should be aired daily, not to accumulate negative energy.

· The kitchen should be square or rectangular shape, but in any case not triangular, as this form is considered unfavorable.

· the Preferred colors for the kitchen are green, yellow, brown, orange and white. In the kitchen is most pronounced element of Fire and Water.

· in order to “beat” the kitchen, have to take into account the interaction of different elements – primarily Water and Fire. Fiery energy “presents” stove, toaster, coffee maker. And the Water – fridge and sink. Avoid conflicting elements next. It’s easy: just put between them a third – friendly. This can be any object made of wood. The best form for a dining table – round or oval. They create an atmosphere of equality and trust among the Diners. Energy center of the kitchen is not a table, as is commonly believed, and stove. It is best placed in the Central part of the house.

The correct interior kitchen will help to turn it into a source of inspiration and energy because when harmony prevails, it is much easier to find her and in his personal life.

The purpose of the talisman. The star elders is a Chinese deity, the giver of wealth, health and longevity. The Chinese Pantheon of gods is quite extensive, and some gods are revered in other countries.
The Studio is called an apartment consisting of one main room, a kitchen placed in the alcove of the room, or kitchen, and, of course, the bathroom. These apartments are often very small, and their inhabitants tend to make abundantly of their furniture, which in turn blocks the free flow of qi energy.
a15[1]For your organization to flourish, and the money arrived, must first correctly harmonize the workspace Manager, the Director's office. This will not only ensure a more productive work, but favorably displayed on the organization as a whole. Because the most important and crucial decisions are made by the leader, and competently affecting its harmonisation, automatically increases the welfare of the company.
molitvy[1]What is Feng Shui - the Chinese art (science) which tells about the harmony with the environment. The science of Feng Shui is not only a physical connection with nature that explains how to correctly place the objects in the room, in what place is better to build a house, where to plant flowers near the house, etc.