Manicure on Feng Shui


Chinese doctrine fēngshuǐ slipped in almost every sphere of our life. This life philosophy is based on attracting and management enabling energy in our lives.

To attract good luck in all things you can get a manicure on Feng Shui. A feature of this coating are 2 fingers on his right hand, which is a completely different shade of nail Polish, but this all shades perfectly match each other, and the manicure looks not very usual. Also looks very nice when on one of his fingers glued rhinestone, which adds the feature and zest. According to Feng Shui average — “the finger of Saturn” and an unnamed ” “the finger of the Sun”, they are something we allocated, as these fingers are responsible for the success and women’s demand.

Thus, on an intuitive level in a woman develop those qualities that help her to be more successful, desirable for men. Anyway, it looks very interesting, highlights a woman from the crowd.

You can do the main emphasis in the design on the nail, which is responsible for important to you at the moment question.

Each finger on the hand responsible for a particular event.

The THUMB of the RIGHT HAND is responsible for the events related to mental work, mistakes and miscalculations, open, good deals, wins, wins in the intellectual game.

The THUMB of the LEFT HAND light misunderstandings, anxiety, labors in vain and hope.

The INDEX FINGER of the RIGHT HAND is a manifestation of his own egoism, dissatisfaction with oneself and others.

The INDEX FINGER of his LEFT HAND – the fear, undue risk, trauma, self-doubt.

The MIDDLE FINGER of his RIGHT HAND – the wrath, strife, mutual of neudovletvorennosti sexually and mutual resentment.

The MIDDLE FINGER of the LEFT HAND – sexual opening, subtle sensuality in sexualwomen and mutual resentment.

The ring FINGER of the RIGHT HAND – new friendships,love Affairs, unions, sexual contacts.

The ring FINGER of the LEFT HAND, sadness, sorrow, separation, separation, frustration, loneliness.

RIGHT HAND little FINGER family bonds, prosperity, harmony, peace of mind.

LEFT HAND little FINGER is a sham, deception, gossip behind my back, cheating, flattery, loss.

Now manicure (drawings and color) for each item.

WATER ( the winter season). Blizzard,snowflake,white stones,silver beads,pearls,feathers,stars,blue,black,blue,aquarium,artificial acrylic,network with fish.

TREE (a relative. for the season of spring). Bloom,butterflies,flowers,grass,artificial acrylic,transparent,green,light green,gentle motion,light,spiral,you can add black.The webs. The emphasis on the nail tips.

FIRE (relative. to the summer season). Birds,fire,dawn,the sun.Red,pink th,orange,glitter,powder,yellow,abriko savy,pyramids,triangles.The berries.The Hamel it.

The EARTH (relative. for the season of autumn). Yellow,beige,Nude,brown,gold th background.The leaves,the rain.The spots.The pattern over the entire length,but the emphasis on the nail bed.Stones,fireworks,bricks and sand.

METAL . Beads,abstraction,circles,foil,silver,WA Lotto,sequins.

The purpose of the talisman. The star elders is a Chinese deity, the giver of wealth, health and longevity. The Chinese Pantheon of gods is quite extensive, and some gods are revered in other countries.
The Studio is called an apartment consisting of one main room, a kitchen placed in the alcove of the room, or kitchen, and, of course, the bathroom. These apartments are often very small, and their inhabitants tend to make abundantly of their furniture, which in turn blocks the free flow of qi energy.
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molitvy[1]What is Feng Shui - the Chinese art (science) which tells about the harmony with the environment. The science of Feng Shui is not only a physical connection with nature that explains how to correctly place the objects in the room, in what place is better to build a house, where to plant flowers near the house, etc.